Books By Irwin

Irwin has photographed and written two specialty books about Japanese culture. These books are available through Gestalten and are a testament to Irwin's photographic skill, in addition to his ability to find and engage with Japan's most appealing sides. 

Handmade in Japan - The Pursuit of Perfection in Traditional Crafts

Published in 2020, Handmade in Japan features photo essays of over fifty traditional artisans in over thirty handicraft professions spanning hundreds of years of history. These artisans were specifically researched and chosen by Irwin to show the depth and breadth of handcrafted artistry extant in nearly every pocket of Japan. With a foreword by internationally renowned architect Kengo Kuma, this book is a showcase of Irwin's skills as a photographer, writer, editor and producer.

"It’s hard to put your finger on why it’s so soothing to page through HANDMADE IN JAPAN (...). The Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong captures intimate moments of creation that satisfy the reader’s cravings for travel, escape and tactile design." ― THE NEW YORK TIMES

The Obsessed - Otaku, Tribes and Subcultures of Japan

Published in 2022 by Gestalten, The Obsessed showcases the wonderful and weird subcultures that gives Japan the cool cachet that it enjoys internationally. Featuring over forty individuals and groups in varied regions of Japan, Irwin captures their striking visuals with his typical flair for portrait photography, and documents their obsession with in depth interviews and text.  Spanning fashion, anime and gaming, custom auto culture and so much more, this book further emphasizes Irwin's versatility and ability to independently delve into Japanese culture and create meaningful work.

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