Recent Work: Street Photography for Trip Advisor

Last year I had the opportunity to do some street photography around Tokyo as part of Trip Advisor’s global rebranding campaign. The brief involved capturing cities from the point of view of travelers, which meant capturing real scenes of real travelers - not staged! - all around Tokyo’s major tourist spots. Technically it was not a difficult shoot, because it was purely street photography, a genre which I am actually quite good at! The challenge lay in getting permission from my street photography subjects to be used in the campaign. Thankfully, I had the very good luck to have Catherine from the creative agency Hyperion with me, who was amazing at getting release forms signed by people who had (sometimes unwittingly) been photographed by me. We practically spent two days gallivanting around Tokyo, hitting the usual spots; Asakusa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno and so on. We also joined a Trip Advisor-hosted bar crawl through Kabukicho, which was very, very fun. Having lived in Japan for 14 years at this point it is very nice to hang out with people seeing it with the wonder and enthusiasm that I remember first having when I moved over here.

Thanks to Trip Advisor and Hyperion LA for having me on this project, I am very much hoping that we can do an Osaka and Kyoto version soon!

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