Recent Work:

A few months ago I was hired by to photograph a profile on Tokyo based artist Kaori Watanabe. Kaori is also famous from a stint on the wildly popular reality TV series Terrace House, and in addition to being a large figure in social media she is also an absolute sweetheart and a dream to work with. 

This was a stills and video shoot, with yours truly handling the stills aspect. We started out in a house studio near Ikebukuro for an interview and some portraits of her inking some artwork she was in the middle of. Camera used for these photos was the Leica SL2 and 50mm Summicron lens with a Profoto B2 and softlighter. Once the house stills were finished we took it to the streets of Ikebukuro, one of the hub areas of Tokyo, to get some B-roll shots of her walking amongst the people and getting inspiration for her art while out and about. Nothing too fancy here in terms of setup, just some candid shots of Ms. Watanabe in natural light doing her awesome arty thing. 

Thank you for having me for this assignment and I hope you enjoy some of these shots from the day!

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