Portrait Work: Shiseido CEO

WWD recently commissioned met to photograph some portraits of Shiseido CEO Masahiko Uotani in their Tokyo Headquarters. 

From a previous day’s tech scout I knew that I there really was only one viable place to shoot in the 15 minutes I had with Mr. Uotani, and that was a waiting room across from the main atrium. The splash of red on the wall was a good clean backdrop as well as being the emblematic ‘Shiseido Red’ on their packaging.

No pre-light, just half an hour of shoving furniture around until it looked like a good frame before Mr. Uotani arrived. Then it was all about getting as much variety and expression as possible in the time available - standard high powered business portrait modus operandi. 

At the end of the day we all came out unscathed, with a good variety of selects, and that’s all any photographer can ask for!

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